Koalrus is an urban contemporary artist, focused on geometric mind-bending art & design.


Here you can delve into his superlative prints, paintings and sculptures that explore our world-view through the universal language of geometry, and at times, a hint of chaos. These inspired works explore ancient knowledge, universal patterns and the archetypes that can be found all over the world in ancient art and temple architecture. His art is seen as an expression of unity in diversity, the holistic arts of none-duality and the perpetual renewal of the Western Mandala. It is predominantly inspired by a system of geometric structures and bio-morphic forms involving the mathematics of space and time, with what could be described as circular 'spiritual' or 'religious' art.

Holy Void Series

This series is an expression into the world of mandalas, presented intrinsically to celebrate the universe in all it's radiant allure, from snowflake to super nova.

String Theory Series

In an exploration into the physical world of string, this series is presented as beautifully crafted artworks with the luminescent and transcendent intimations of a much more ancient craft.

Principals of Supernaturalism Series

A study into the nature of the not yet understood, this series focuses on its ability to strongly call man towards the infinite, awakening in him a desire for the pure.

Momentary Lapse of Reason Series


Dramatic and diligently explosive, this series examines the wonders and realities of a universe continuously anchored in a revolution of regeneration.

“Koalrus uses geometry as the archetypal language of creation for his works and just like all aritst's from his lineage, he is stimulating the curiosity of infinite symmetries”

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